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Should I?

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now that I have got further into game, should I get rid of my lower producing production buildings and replace them with higher yielding ones?

For example should I get rid of my black smith and hunter or will that effect things later on in my game?


as soon as you can afford to upgrade production buildings id recommend you do


I suggest using this guide to figure out which is the best and what's worth building based on the hourly production per square.

Butcher is great to have a few once you researched it. Much easier to locate than a big goat farm too.


I generally skip around a bit for the production buildings if they are close together on the research tree and only build one of the ones I skip if the quest needs it and the reward is decent.

For instant I kept a couple pottery and fruit farm until I could build blacksmiths and since the quests were over for them I replaced them all with blacksmith since they were easy to fit and provided a great boost per hour but then I skipped the goat farm and built butchers other then just one goat farm for a few quests.

I then skipped the tannery and built shoemakers as they are both the same size but the shoemaker provides more supplies per hour and they are close enough to not need to waste resources on the tannery.


thanks guys :)
was just worried taht if I sold those lesser things like blacksmith and hunter I might find that suddenly I needed them later in game.
The space they use can be put to much better use me thinks


We have talked about this before - they are basically useless, we have talked about ways of making them more useful, but nothing has changed yet - so yeah - just kill em :)
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