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Not a Bug: Shaking screen


Hey, that's me again !

This time, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I didn't know where else I could post it (I'm quite sure my sentence sounds horrible for English speakers, I apologize...).

This 'bug' "occurs" when I go on/to another tab and then go back on/to FoE. When I do that, the FoE's page shakes "from right to left" for a short time. Maybe it's linked to my navigator (I use Google Chrome), but I can't verify it.

If this problem is already known by the staff, I really apologize.


Exactly which page were you on when you were switching between tabs and the screen shook? Taking part in a battle, worlds map, town screen etc...?


Well, all pages are doing this shake. I've just noticed that for the "continent map" page, only the top-right corner of the screen do this move.


This sounds like an issue with your browser's cache. It may have been corrupted.

You can try clearing your cache by clicking on that spanner again, then click on 'Tools' - 'Clear browsing data...'. Once you have done that check if this still happens when you switch tabs.


I cleared my cache (and also cookies), I updated my browser's version to the latest one, but it doesn't change anything.


Ok thanks for the feedback.

Next on the list is scripts or extensions installed on your browser, have you any of these installed on your chrome? You can check by copy/pasting this into your address bar chrome://settings/extensions (Then hit Enter).

How many extensions are installed? Or exactly what extensions are installed?


According to my screen, I have 2 extensions. And when I turn off the Avast! WebRep extension, the page seems to stop shaking. That's Weird, but the problem is finally solved ! Thank you so much, DaTwista ! ^^

Sorry to have bothered you. ^^"