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Shadow Realm

Welcome to the Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm is a team of two guilds in Sinerania – recently formed from Wolf Spirit, 12 Monkeys and The Pirate Ship. The two guilds act together diplomatically and players are free to swap between guilds as their playstyle changes. So why two guilds?

Shadow Assassins are for more active and motivated players who wish to compete against the top guilds, especially in GBG. We do require players to contribute at least 5 encounters per day as well as mandatory GB mud threads and a 5FP per week Obs donation program.

Shadow Thieves are for more relaxed players who might be new, might have this as a secondary world or maybe just don’t want to push hard in GBG etc. every day. The above minimums don’t apply in the Shadow Thieves.

We do have the usual rules for both guilds, things like instant swap threads, fair trades only, encouraged treasury donations, GVG and GE involvement – but these aren’t required minimums.

Why join the Shadow Realm as a player?

There are plenty of good quality guilds in Sinerania, but we offer the ability to swap to the guild that best suites you at the time. We have a solid record in GBG, plenty of experienced players in both guilds and lots of lovely people. If you’re a team-player, you’ll find like-minded people here.

Why join the Shadow Realm as a guild?

We are actually a merger, first of Wolf Spirit and 12 Monkeys, then more recently The Pirate Ship, and we’re always looking for other guilds to join the Shadow Realm. Lots of mid-tier guilds struggle with a mix of highly dedicated and active members and more relaxed players and this limits the potential of the guild. We believe we have a solution to that – it works for us and it might work for you too. There are also some really high-quality but small guilds that do great player per player, but struggle against bigger guilds – well here’s your new home, now you can compete where you deserve to – against the best. Leadership of new guilds will always be integrated into the Shadow Realm and players are given equal status.

Our leadership team consists of the leaders of both guilds together – on equal standing – and at the moment are:

Shadow Assassins:
Antonia the Builder – Diplomacy
David and goliath – GvG
Ras al Ghul – GBG
TIMAHV - Admin

Shadow Thieves:
Bert the Merciless

So if you’re a player or a guild leader who wants to take on a bigger challenge in SA, a relaxed yet competent atmosphere in ST or want to be able to swap when it suits you, then shoot us a message and let’s sort things out.