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Server Problems?

  • Thread starter DeletedUser8590
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Since about 1pm, so for about six hours, every time I login to Cirgard I get the immediate message, "Sorry, an internal error occurred, please try again later."

I don't see any other posts about the server having problems. Is there a standard place to look for messages about whether a server is having problems and when to expect it to be working again?


Hello Glennenin and welcome to the forums. :)

Have you tried any of the following steps to resolve the issue on your own yet?

- Refresh your browser (F5: soft refresh and CTRL+F5: hard refresh).
- Clear your browser's cache (temporary internet files).
- Try a different (up to date) browser.
- Delete your cookies.
- Temporarily disable all (greasemonkey) scripts and browser add-ons.
- Log out / Log in
- Restart your computer.
- Try a different computer.
- Try a different internet connection.

P.S.: Regarding "a standard place to look for messages about whether a server is having problems and when to expect it to be working again", such information can usually be found within the "Announcements" section of the forums. If you want to report a bug (like the issue above), please search within the "Bug Report section" and only start a new thread if your issue hasn't yet been addressed. Furthermore, I highly recommend using the Bug report template when posting within that section. ;)
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I've tried logging in from two locations on two different computers, about ten miles apart. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, all up to date (I just double checked). I've reloaded maybe thirty times now, between my attempts every half hour or so. My Internet Explorer and Chrome both have no addons. I've cleared my cache, cleared my history, deleted my cookies, rebooted my computer, logged out and back in. So, yes, I've tried every one of those options. I was moving buildings around at the time it stopped working, so I can see half my territory blinking as unconnected every time I login and the error message immediately pops up. Not sure if the awesomeness of my building locations was too much for the server to handle. If I hit "OK" on the error message then it immediately reloads and I get back to the error message again, over and over.


This thread seems better off within the bug report section, so I suggest you might want to revitalize this one: Server Error Message on Cirgard

As the linked thread is marked 'Fixed', I'm not sure if it would make more sense to start a new thread though, so it's not overlooked. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for you, other than advise you to wait until a mod passes this on to the tech team. Just try to be patient (I've had the problem myself once, so I know it can be very frustrating and annoying...:rolleyes:).



You are wonderful, I appreciate your tips and perspective!
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