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Seeking guild


Hi - am looking for a decent-sized guild; have responded in-game to two threads on here but so far I've not had a response. I'm pretty active, pol/mot most days. I just started on E-Nagach, by inclination a trader but trying to be a bit more aggressive in this world (have a HMA alter on Fel Dranghyr or however you spell it).

Please get in touch in-game.



Hey JuiceWar, maybe you will find more luck in asking for a guild on open chat (the icon in between the medals and diamonds).


I have sent out several messages to guilds that I liked the look of without reply? I would like to join a guild as I've now hit a brick wall in city development as there is no trade available from my neighbors. And if the only way of joining a guild is to ask in open chat then I guess I'll not be joining one. Oh well, was quite enjoying the game up to this point.


I never said open chat was the only way of finding a guild. You may also want to check the profiles of the elite guilds to see if they have a smaller sister guild that accepts lower ranked members to get them on the track to the top. Make sure you are messaging (more than one of) the guild members that are either the founders, leaders, or recruiters.


Hi guys
You should both have received invites from the warriors of truth, a really good guild with 60 members of all ages so trades etc shouldn't be a problem.


Also looking. Very active, but more passive in my approach. Tenaciously loyal and supportive of friends and my old guild members (Guild is defunct as leader had abandoned it). Could you describe the Warriors of Truth? Thanks.



hello Kedran,
in answer to your question....
Warrior of truth is the type of guide where the leaders and founders will not abandon you,
you enter the guild as equals, no matter what level of points or age, your voice is one that is heard and listened too. Your trades as long as they are fair are cleared.
We take part in GvG, but also respect those that want to avoid it.
We assist with getting GB’s from scaffold to 1st level, as priority.
We also run GB level up clubs
But we are only a guild of 59 so if you like our guild then there is no reason why you could not support your old guild friends even more by inviting them to join you.
hope to hear from you soon


I believe that I would like to try your guild. Sounds like you have a positive philosophy and a good spirit enjoying the game. Please send me an invitation if you will. Thanks.



Hi shareshark, can you please invite me too please? Your guild sounds great for newbies :)


Looking for a guild... Played Stronghold Kingdoms Online for two years; was an officer in supporting factions & different worlds; one was a training faction, the other two were warring factions on one world, the other was a supporting faction.. Got bored; looking for a new challenge.. been playing for over a month now...


Check out League of Legends. We are growing and will enter the guild wars soon.
Respectfully, Druidon


My guild - Royal Wreckers is hiring new members - say to you want to join it?