Secret Garden

Just a random Idea I thought of where you could have a small back garden where you can place decorations and special buildings. The only stat that would be used from buildings would be happiness. After reaching certain thresholds you would gain a certain amount of Forge Points(weekly or daily I can't decide) with a maximum gain depending on your current age. The max amount of FPs gained could be up to 5(balance suggestions welcome)FPs x your current age starting from the Iron Age so a person in LMA could gain a maximum of 20 FPs while someone in CE could gain 50. The max amount could also get cut down to 3FPS x age after a certain point so at the Industrial Age the max would be 30 and from PE forward it goes +3 so PE 33, ME 36, PME 39 and so on.

How the Garden would work is that you can build decorations or use special buildings from your Inventory so long as they give happiness.
These decorations and buildings deteriorate over time so 1x1 Decorations would last perhaps a couple days while a 3x3 building would last somewhere around 2 weeks.
Larger buildings would last longer but over time as they deteriorate the happiness given would also go down while smaller ones wouldn't as they only last a short amount of time.

As the friends Tavern hasn't gotten a lot of love in recent times the coins could be used to buy Temporary expansions in the garden or to keep decorations and buildings alive longer with less deterioration.

The amount of FPs might sound like a lot at first if it were daily but times are constantly changing and people are gaining more and more as time goes by.
Let me hear your thoughts. Am I just a drunk internet person rambling to himself or am I on to something?
It would be nice for everyone to have a personal garden where you can put only decoration buildings. They should not give any bonus apart of happiness, the idea is to make your garden pretty not profitable, so you should choose wherever you want.