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Searching for a Guild


Hello there, I'm Soltys. I have JUST registered on this forum, hoping I could find a guild for me. Apparently this game is designed to be VERY annoying to play solo (Hint: Goods), so I find myself in need of a stalward band of advent... well co-agressors who are conquering exactly the same continent as I am, but apparently slightly out of phase with my dimention, while still being able to trade with me and fondle my buildings in exchange for 20 gold, which may seem like a lot when you have just started, but you soon realize it's more of an insult, due to it's tendency to NOT get upped over time, sorry for rambling.

That being said, I might come across as a bit of an elitistjerk, but I'd like a semi-powerful guild. There are people who start low, and then guild jump once they feel a stronger one would like to have them. I do not. I am loyal to my guild, for as long as they treat me right, and therefore have some expectations of a prospective guild. Basically I'd like one with enough helpful people NOT to be forced to whine/beg/threaten/hack other people's accounts for the goods I need. (by the way you made a spelling mistake somewhere, I don't remember where, but I'm almost positive that "Goods" does not have a singular form that still retains the lexical meaning. BUT I DIAGGGRESSS).

I haven't been able to find a guild recruitment page at all... which could mean that there is none, but occam's razor principle implies that far more plausible is the fact that I'm a blind, stupid noob. NEVERTHELESS, I'd still like a guild. I wouldn't presume to be "worthy" of joining the strongest, nor would I want to, on account of them being pushy when it comes to progress, and starting to live inside the game.. traditionally at least. I'm rather into the "friendly runner-up guild" format. my ign is the same as the forum name. Sorry for the block of text, I just had a litre of strong coffee and I'm feeling pretty wired. ^_^


i am too searching for a guild and cant find a link to anywhere to look for one, i am a noob too so could be overlooking it somewhere. would appreciate the help. thanks :)