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Already Suggested: scrap the waiting time to rejoin a guild

  • Thread starter Deleted member 118885
  • Start date

do you want the rejoin time scraped and a joining limit instead

  • yes

  • no

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Deleted member 118885

proposition: To scrap the rejoin time to join your old guild
reason: To be able to join your guild quickly if you regret leaving it
Details: instead of the 7 days waiting time. there could me a monthly joining limit eg: 5 times a month you can join a guild.
if you get kicked out your guild before the monthly reset you could not be allowed to join for a short space of time that the leader of the guild decides also when you can rejoin even if you have not been kicked
visual aids: none
balance: on the kick out of the guld icon would need
Abuse: none

pros: less guild snipping
don't need to wait 7 days to rejoin a guild
cons: not being able to join a guild if you have used your joins up
Abuse: being able to jump around more guilds quickly taking all the trades and sniping gbs.

For more junior players also massively increasing the number of players you can aid giving a huge increase to the amount of coins available and therefore all their uses such as buying forge points


Deleted member 118943

You can Join any Guild you want exept the one you left-kicked from.
i suppose if you have been kicked for other reasons than GE/GBG Goods expenses then there is no need to join that one again :)