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Scout takes a shortcut :-)


Using Chrome on a PC.

I don't think much explanation is necessary...

The scout reaches destination in approx ten minutes, but destination is not available until after the schedules eleven and something hours. I patiently waited on the screen and made screenshots as it unfolded.

As you can see, scout arrives at destination before schedule. Then he waits there for the timer.


And below, you can see he snaps to a different point on the map after leaving and returning to this screen. The scout is motionless and does not progress away from this point.


Suggested fix.

1. Discard that pointless mess of dotty lines and arrows that make the map ugly, and allow the scout to take the more logical direct path.

2. Fix the timer so that he arrives just in time using the direct path.

3. I've also noticed the scout seems to leave the destination at an accelerated pace, then take "forever" to arrive just as he's approaching the destination. This behavior is just irritating. Fix that too please. A nice consistent progression is much more desirable.

How about giving me some Diamonds, Color Guards, Drummers, Apples, Rogue Hideout, 100,000 Medals, and two coins for helping out here. :-P


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But....then people would get punished for making their scout run a thousand miles to check out a province over that way---->, just to have him come back to where he was when they could've cleared the path to the next province over <----there and got that done in 2 hours rather than a day! Nope, nope...gotta make the travel time the same no matter what, so people are encouraged to spend that 50 diamonds.


Good point. I also think for the very long and time consuming trips the scout should have places where he can stop, relax, and even go to the toilet.


Would I get Tavern silver when a scout stops by my Tavern? Or is he there to take the silver from my tray?
This is a rather funny bug, the way the scout takes a short-cut to the route planned for him. Maybe he knows the terrain better than the developers? (Scouts are not invited to my tavern: where a scout goes, armies follow!)

Seriously, though..

Certainly, the mapped path should be the same as the route the scout will take. (It would be nice if the mapped route was a little more sensible for a scout and not crossing rivers at their widest point.)

I also agree with the point about the way the scout moves. Either abandon any pretence of the scout moving and just jump him there when the time is up, or make his progress reasonably smooth on the graphical representation, so that we don't see him take 30% of the time to cover about 70% of the journey, then crawl along the rest of the way (he DOES still have his horse!).