Hello Guys,
I am the Founder of RUN on the "Arvahall" server
I Would like to give the Opputunity in opening the Guild to Other members!
We are currently a guild who is just in the neighbourhood who could just trade and talk agaisnt each other.
If more players join the general vibe of RUN will increase including ranks, trades, friendships and fights and hopefully we can beat the Alchemist' :cool:

If you would Like to join Please message me / Reply to these forums or
Ingame: Chomeozone & johnzr

Guild Name: RUN

Leader(s) of Guild: Chomeozone & johnzr

Requirements to Join: Min points = 2.5k Can change under situations Must be active, we do weekly checks of Points / Battles and you must be able to contribute to the alliance trading

Why we rock: The alliance name is what makes us Cool:P

How many in our guild: 10

Max player cap in guild: Game is 80, in the alliance it is 75
P.S If you are a smaller alliance looking for a Merge please PM and we can sort something out.
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