RUN guild now recruiting


We are a growing Guild currently with 33 members and ranked 34. Our average player score is just short of 15,000 meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to trade (for free) and progress in the game.

We are currently seeking new members with a minimum score of 8000 who are active players (in other words increase their score week to week).

We offer each other mutual support through trading, motivating and polishing.

Trading is particularly important as it allows us to share resources and all progress at a faster rate.

Like to join? Message either me (JohnW), Chomeozone or TheStrength now and we'll welcome you on board.

Thanks for looking



We are now recruiting again!
In 2 months we have now climed to rank 23-24 in the guild points and still only have 39 members!

We are looking for players who have a score of 20,000 + and who are active and are willing to take part in the alliance activites such as polish/motivate other users in the guild and help people climb with there Great Buildings!

The guild forum is active with a lot of disccusions going on everyday and also some arguments ;)
Trading within the guild is fairly strong and you can very easily find the trade your looking for with our easy to contact trade market.
If you would like even more information contact Chomeozone - JohnW - TheStrength and we will happily help!

Happy Christmas!