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RPG-Style PvP

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Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
An overhaul of (or major adjustment to) the existing PvP tower and transform it into RPG style.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
I have been hanging around the forum since the (recent) release of the PvP tower on live server and did not notice anyone ever mention anything similar to this, at all.

The new PvP tower received massive negative feedback in the forum and my idea in my opinion has the potential to transform the PvP and make it much more intersting. (However the risk that I can think of is that it can make people feel "this is not the same FoE as before" and "this is a completely different game" that sort of things; I cannot evaluate the outcomes comprehensively because the change I'm suggesting is kinda huge. Perhaps other players can point out other faults involved and resist this idea if they do not like it; or help supplement / consummate / polish this idea if they like it.


As I mentioned in the "PvP Arena feedback thread", the "RPG-style PvP" can be broken down into the following steps:

1) A dedicated army of 1-8 units should be selected as the attacking army and cannot be changed afterwards;

2) That army when fighting in the PvP tower and win, gain experience, and at some point (experience threshold), level up;

3) The dedicated attacking army when leveled up have higher attack and defence becomes different from the ordinary army, it becomes the "hero army";

4) It might be wise to select only 1 unit as your attacking army because the experience from winning is attributed to that unit in a concentrated manner so that the unit levels up faster;

5) Now the lower-age hero army when leveled up high enough, will have a chance to win against defence army of way-higher ages;

6) The defence army will still be ordinary armies, because if the hero army is used as defence, we would be back into the loop where lower-age army has no chance against way-higher age armies.

7) The city attack/defence boosts apply to the hero army same as it does now to the ordinary army.

8) However high the hero army levels up, the attack/defence point is capped at 100. Correspondingly, the rogues (which has attack of 100 and infinite defence) won't not level up. The rogues will only suck up the experience gained and drag down the leveling up of the real unit (if you choose 1 real unit + 7 rogues as your hero army). On the other hand, the 7 rogues have the chance to transform into the leveled-up hero unit and as of now, we do not know if that is an advantage or disadvantage.

9) As described in paragraph #8, there are many choices as to the combination of hero army (configuration) that you need to decide at the start. Once decided, it cannot be changed afterward. If you abandon this hero army and want another configuration/combination, the units in the current hero army will be reverted into ordinary units and returned to the city (their experience reset to zero) and your new army has to be "trained" from scratch, in the PvP Tower.

Explain the specifics of your proposal. How will it work?
(Combined with "Details")

Visual Aids:

The above-mentioned "hero-army" can only be used in the PvP tower part of the game and do not affect other game features.

Abuse Prevention:
See "Balance".

This is only a general, rough, blur contour of an idea and may be incomplete. Fellow players if you think it makes sense please contribute and make it more fully-fledged.
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The kind of beta feedback this type of system needs - it's not just a single module/class of code - would appear to be beyond the skill set needed to implement!
Of course, there is always the World-A Alpha testing people to use.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
There is a feedback thread for these type of suggestions. Way to early to start posting ideas about it.

Locking this.
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