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New Bug: Royal Marble Gateway


Question - When I click on my various non GB's, a dark grey window pops up and it shows the bldg's attributes. However, when I click on a Royal Marble Gateway, it brings up a building construction type window and shows a large countdown timer. Anyone else seeing this? The window doesn't show the Royal Marble Gateway's attack boost, unlike every other building that has an attack boost.

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You can speed up the RMG's production time with diamonds. That's different from the other buildings.Don't click, but hover your mouisepointer over it.


Anyone else seeing this? The window doesn't show the Royal Marble Gateway's attack boost
Yes. For "checkmate square" also it behaves the same. It doesn't show the attack boost. Only catch point is, by using coin rush items time can be reduced on it. Example, 1hr coins rush or 8hr coins rush affect these buildings production timers. Other buildings which you see attack boost, cannot get benefit with coin rush items.

Till now, building which can be utilize coins rush or supply rush, you cannot see the attack boost. IMO, Devs made the logic like this.
Mobile also happening like the same.
Main problem is not showing the attack boost purposefully in mobile and cannot hover in mobile (kind of handicapped).

Thinking like, it should be added as an idea to get the improvement. It doesn't affects anything on the game point of view.

But, design wise it has few trouble as per my guessing.

Tooltip displaying the information is one time adding on the development design work. It won't get changed dynamically as a design thumb rule until that item or object completely replaced. Honestly thinking like, to implement the coins rush behavior they avoided tooltip UI and brought window UI design mechanism to handle the timer values. It's purely development use-case on design perspective.

INNO/FOE devs can take this as a change request or development miss for mobile and display the attack boost value next to age label with swords icon in the same window. Simple change.
Like below image,
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attack boost value next to age label with swords icon
With your image suggestion, it actually solves the problem of not showing attack boost on RMG or CMS. IMO, it can be considered/confirmed as bug on the basis of consistency or not showing important information of the building with respect to mobile.