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Roman Numeral Count

  • Thread starter DeletedUser14782
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So seeing as there is this big count to 1 million thread, i thought we could do that same thing, but all in roman numerals. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D You know, a tribute to the Romans. Here is the key to follow.

one: I
five: V
ten: X
fifty: L
one hundred: C
five hundred: D
one thousand: M

a numeral can only be repeated 3 times (4 is not IIII, it is IV)
if a number is before a number of greater value, you subtract the first number from the second number (IX=9, 10-1=9)
you can only subtract a number from a number that is 10x greater than it or less.
A bar over a number means to multiply by 1k (M= 1 million) ( the dots are for placement) (not including 1000)
ill start with I
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VII I hope naterichster doesn't ever find out his brother posted this :P


dkirk has posted XII, so that means kimba should be XIII and I would be