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Rogues x6 is too op!!

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
As the title says rogues x6 with a couple of heavy units defeats most armies which in my opinion takes the skill out of combat.
Perhaps give them a little less attack power and a little more defence to make combat and army selection more skilful?

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
lol im not saying don't use rogues but tone them down with a little less attack and more defence to make using them a more strategic decision.


Rogues don't have a defence and if they did it'd never come into play because they'd turn into something else.

Attack on rogues is only strong upto a certain age and then it's outclassed by everything


No. This idea has been suggested a dozen times on this forum and the US one. It. Will. Never. Happen!

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
No. This idea has been suggested a dozen times on this forum and the US one. It. Will. Never. Happen!
Yeah, maybe so but the last game I played the devs were always re-balancing combat stats, while FOE might not be so much PVP it's still an important part of the game.

Lord Grok

Master Corporal
Few thoughts on this
1. On manual attack you will destroy rogues fairly easily with many armies
2. Rogues on defense is a bad idea (see 1)
3. After PE (?) the AI for continent map changes so that rogues aren’t targeted if there are other troops in range so they’re less useful there (the original AI is used in GE and battleground in all ages)
4. In battleground it takes too long to place an army with rogues especially in SAAB as there is no quick way to select them (yes it’s daft) so experienced players will tend to use an army with one troop type because you can spam it faster.. that sentence should give you some idea of the level of combat in this game.

Are rogues strong - yes in some circumstances. OP - nope. No change needed. Once you get into this you’ll be much more concerned by troop balance issues (the fact that at least 80% of them have no use whatsoever and others like hovers are OP for several ages), the complete lack of army management features, and the stupidity of the AI - and rogues will no longer be a problem for you...

This all reminds me of when my kids tell me they’re scared of some monster hiding in their room, and as a responsible parent I avoid telling them that there are real things in the world that would better justify their fear.. welcome to FoE :lol:

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Rogues have a great attack but weak in defence so in any battle against them you need manual skill & speed to wipe out six before they hit you.
On top of that, you often need to kill them twice because they turn into active units on the first time you kill them so I wouldn't say they are useless at defence,
tbh I have not really got my head around low defence stats because every battle needs primarily good attack unit stats like rogues to win.
Attack hard before you lose is my motto. :)
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Epic Builder x1000

Second Lieutenant
You usually want to take your rogue to the other side of the field, where you deal considerable damage and once it changes into a heavy, they're in close range for maximum damage potential. It's not possible with auto battle as AI will always target rogues first