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Riddles - Week 1 September

  • Thread starter DeletedUser104881
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1. Fake ID.

2. Girl next door.

3. Richard Hornsby, a criminal defense lawyer specialized in Forgeries in central Florida. He gives you "free forge points".

4. A damn good physicist and a philosopher.

5. Movember, women like to dance with joy around a man with a mustache.

Pfft. This was easy, what did I win?


1) Masquerade ball
2) Altar of Aphrodite
3) Cape Canaveral
4) Albert Einstein
5) Maypole


1. I am popular throughout mainland Europe, I am normally held by the upper class. You can dance all night with your identity hidden. What am I?
A: Masquerade Ball

2. I am Altar of the Goddess of Love, who can be identified with the planet Venus. I give your city permanent Happiness, but when you motivate me, I give you more rewards. What am I?
A: Altar of Aphrodite

3. I share my name with a place in Florida , I was known as Cape Kennedy between 1963 and 1973, but my rewards for you are Forge Points. What am I?
A: Cape Canaveral

4. I was the subject of a Historical Event. I am known for my Physics and Philosophy, and in 1921 I won a Nobel Prize. Who am I?
A: Albert Einstein

5. I have a month in my name and I am used in folk festivals. People dance around me with ribbons and joy. What am I?
A: Maypole


Masquerade Ball
Altar of Aphrodite
Cape Canaveral
Albert Einstein


1. Masquerade Ball
2. Altar of Aphrodite
3. Cape Canaveral
4. Albert Einstein
5. Maypole
Not open for further replies.