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Riddles - February 2020 - Week 2

  • Thread starter DeletedUser110603
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Post your answers to the 5 riddles below, Good Luck!!

1/ I stand proud in your city, showing off your achievements in the battlegrounds, I also provide guild power and guild goods.

2/ I am very large, golden and very obvious to anyone who visits, it takes many levels to complete me but I will then reward you with an attack bonus, forge points, medals & coins

3/ I am very small, green and provide a tiny tiny amount of happiness, but you can build me for only 8 supplies

4/ Bring me your old trash and I will give you some coins and gems in return

5/ Pull up a chair and have a drink with me

1. Statue of Honor
2. Colossus
3. Tree
4. Antiques Dealer
5. Friends Tavern
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1. Statue of Honour
2. Colossus
3. Tree (but it takes 7 supplies not 8 - Typo in the question?)
4. Antiques Dealer
5. Tavern


1. Statue of Honor
2. Colossus
3. Tree
4. Antiques Dealer
5. Friends Tavern



Answer 1: Guild Battlegrounds
Answer 2: Town Hall
Answer 3: Tree
Answer 4: Antiques Dealer
Answer 5: Friends Tavern


1- Statue of honour
2- Colossus
3- Tree (bronze age decoration)
4- Antiques dealer
5- Friends tavern


1. Statue of honour.
2. Colossus.
3. Tree
4. Auction house.
5. tavern.


  1. statue of honor
  2. colossus
  3. tree (though it's 6 in the game)
  4. antiques dealer
  5. friends tavern


1- Statue of Honor
2- Colossus
3- Tree
4- Antiques Dealer
5-Friends Tavern
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