Revolver in need of GE & GvG fighters

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    Revolver is looking for some active players to do GE and. GvG Revolver is a level 41 guild we love to chatter a lot on the threads. Lot`s of help in leveling GB`s. Contact Dinkymon
    >>Now accepting GvG Fighters in CA & above<<

    Revolver is a young, fun guild where you can chat with friends, have a laugh & a drink while you are playing with people that understand that it's just a game! We love to help each other, so it's not like we have demanding rules, we just ask a few things;
    ~ Be a farmer or fighter
    ~ Do some Guild Expedition
    ~ Donate to the Treasury
    ~ Motivate or Polish
    ~ Help with new Great Bldgs

    **** Benefits from joining Revolver ****
    • Free drinks during happy hour & use of the guild hot tub!
    • Lots of skillful players ready to help and guide you in building your Empire.
    • Fair trading policy with guild members unless otherwise discussed.
    • The ideal place to dip your toes in GvG waters since aforementioned wonderful players are here to help and guide you.
    • Meet decent people who like to have fun and tell jokes.
    ▪ There's active players to chat with on those lonely Saturday nights.
    • Get an overall warm fuzzy sensation of being part of a guild that will definitely grow to a mighty unstoppable force and take over the world! : ))

    Please Apply or send a message to QueenLynett
    or Dinkymon for an invitation
    SORRY, NO 100% PHONE PLAYERS PLEASE, as it limits what you can do on the game!

    Founded in March of 2016 by our dear friend Andy, Lordrebeangel. His vision of a truely fun, happy guild still carries on! : )
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