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Player (Response Thread) Challenge City

rick of shaw

Response thread to Journal: [Link]

No idea how long this'll keep my interest, but I've started a new world with which I'll use the following self imposed rules and see how far it'll grow over a year. :
  • No deleting of anything. Once it's placed, it's there for life.
    • Unless a quest requires it
  • No Plundering
  • No Diamond Usage
  • No 1-ups / Renos (lvl ups are fine)
  • Only current age and below for GBs

Ever thought about perhaps gettin a puppy?


I bet you'll be the first one to skyrocket the Zeus, the lighthouse and the Aachen. If you don't mind a tip, produce supplies using fnord.


@Quintense you raise an excellent question - to which my first response is:
I hadn't planned that far ahead beyond "unless a quest requires it"

It may be that there'll be too many "place X stuff" for me to be able to strictly place something down and not delete while completing the event. In which case I'd only be deleting stuff put down from/for the event/story quest. Hopefully I'll be able to place stuff down and not need to delete, but later down the track that'll be far more difficult then now to do with everything getting bigger for each subsequent age.

If I'm lucky I may even be able to time lvl'ing up a GB with a event quest for happiness


Yeah I have to place the oracle at this point due to it popping up in the story questline.

I could go with the Colosseum but that's a lot of space so I'll see how things go. I was hoping for a Hagia


At least with the Victory Towers getting an upgrade I can get some fairly regular medals once I obtain some towers


At least the game can be played wihthout using Diamonds – The first guild I joined on Arva reached rank 7 without the use of Diamonds. Our leader calulated that pleyers not using diamonds were about 3 weeks behind players using Diamonds in average. But I am nut sure how that applies now – I am though sure you can play the base game and be doing fairly fine. Reno kits have been a part of the game for quite some time – long before on 1-ups, and they where pretty rare in the beginning. I´ll Be seeing forward to hear about your new city and how it is to play under these dogma rules.
Does you new city have a Name yet ?



@Galladhorn I've simply named it with the name of the world. If you have any suggestions though feel free to offer a better name

And yeah not sure how it'd apply either for the "three week" thing for a city that's not deleting all the outdated stuff.