resizing land


I am unable to see buildings that are the top of game room because of the info bar. my land will not move down any further.
How am I going to fix this problem

thank you
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Hit the Full Screen logo at bottom left of screen & your info bar will disappear!:cool:

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You should be able to (barely) reach it by moving the screen to a corner. Is there any way you can take a screenshot of it?


well i put smaller buildings there thank you for help but i do wish it would move down further


It's a known issue that the far corners of your village aren't completely visible. As said, you can still click part of it, thus being able to collect those buildings, but yes, I admit it takes a bit of agility ;)
Enlarging the village window has been asked for before, but, as this is not a game-breaking bug, it's not high on the priority list of the developers. Hopefully it can be addressed one day though, so you can see all of your buildings in full!


This is correct, you can not see far corners of cityscape, however, if you hover the pointer over any building that is not completely visible, you will get an info bat sating whether any action is possible for that building