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New Content Research Tech Tree Feedback


While i like the idea of the calapsable tree, however i do not like the new graphics.

In the old research tree i could see that cavalry tactics did not require water reservoirs, in the new one I cannot.

Also the thin borders are very out of place compared with all other parts of the game.


I understand this is a mainly visual refresh, but the biggest improvement needed is the ability to add FPs in the same was as for Great Buildings i.e. a custom add amount. the current process of adding 10 FPs to the bar then paying them then returning to the bar to add 10 more is extremely cumbersom.


Love the collapsed ages. The graphics and banner are terrific. However, that bright yellow/orange background is very hard on the eyes, and having everything blurred but what is available is horrible. Gives me a headache as my eyes keep trying to focus. At first I thought it was my contacts....... hmmm maybe it is, and the colors are just making my eyes having a hard time focusing. I'm not sure. Just like this background here is hard on the eyes with this style and color of font. There are hundreds of studies out there showing what works best and easiest for the consumer to use as far as colors on anything for electronic devices goes. Doesn't Inno know this?


Hi first time I have put anything on here ,but this time it needs to be said , After 3 years of playing in about 17 different worlds and now reduced to 5 , I have noticed that most people I come across are 40 yr old plus. so when your new tech tree came out well the mural is brilliant , however the actual tech tree is a nice mixture of all the colours of vomit , blended into each other so nicely they all appear the same , and thats just on the computer, I cant use the tech tree on my phone as i cant see anything clearly there is no definition between the colours , i cant tell what the numbers or letters say and or work out what the symbols for the goods are, please roll back the tech part .....IT WAS NOT BROKEN AND DID NOT NEED FIXED , JUST TO JUSTIFY SOME OVERPAID DESIGNER S JOB
This is also the case with the settlements , which I have had to stop playing as it hurts my eyes trying to work out the numbers and letters that fade into each other
We read in black and white because it is easy to see , maybe this point is worth taking note of .

Ps If you are trying to drive people away from playing the game , believe me you are succeeding big time
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Deleted member 112124

There is no designer, it's all parodies of existing, source free content as used by Schools and Health Services. The load screens and mosaics merely poor imitations of the Impressionist School.
The new tech tree is appauling. the graphics already were good enough, no need to change that. But if there was anything to change, it was the way to input FP (ie add a 10 fp button like for GBs), and this upgrade doesn't even make that better... And the text is harder to read too, as it's written thin over a white backround. the old brown backround was better


Way too bright for me. Where is the ability to buy fp with coin? unless i'm missing something it has been removed. Players have been asking for an improvement to this function for a long time. Also a space between the fp and diamond buttons would be nice, why are they so close to each other??

Deleted member 112124

Top centre of screen, same as usual. They are close to each other so people who don't pay attention, pay in other ways.

Deleted member 112124

I've just been to Tech Tree and today it seems a lot less garish. I haven't adjusted my Display so, perhaps Inno has made a few tweaks to brightness and contrast, colour values etc.