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Implemented: (Research) Great Building Construction: Trade Button

Not open for further replies.


-1 unnecessary waste of developers time
What kind of reason is that? This idea will help save so much time especially for those who have slow computers or internet, it takes like more than 10 secs for me to trade something look back again at what I need and make sure I did not make any mistakes, what frustration:mad:
P.s: You are disrespecting my signature, my signature is angry at you:lol:(Just a joke in case you take it seriously)


I know but it's just so not cool:D and shows ignorance
Can you please stop name calling and attacking people for their opinions? It's getting really old now. You can discuss the idea and issues without referring to peoples opinions as ignorant simply because they are not in line with yours. Have your say and move on.

+1 for this idea


Since when do you have the right to decide cool?
Why is my opinion ignorance? I do not use that function, and for me if developers are send to implement this, it will be waste of their time for the other implementations which I might be using.
So, from now on, may I, please post my feelings about any ideas without your permission?
Not saying your opinion is ignorant, I am just saying what I think if that offended you then my apologies, I will never do this again unless if someone gives an opinion based on a topic of mine. I will not judge on people's opinions based on other people's idea but my ideas yes unless they are a reasonable opinion.
Can you please stop name calling and attacking people for their opinions?
Name calling? I have never called anyone's name, yes I will stop it however if it's an "opinion" based on a topic of mine which I do not entirely agree with then I will "attack"(Which means just discuss)
And besides most of the time I do just give my vote and move on, so no need to make a big scene in front of everyone.
It really depends on what kind of opinions people have to say, if it's something like oh I hate the idea because it's rubbish then I really need this opinion to be justified in an idea of mine most of the time.
Not open for further replies.