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Recurring Quest - random order

Do you want the randomized Recurring Quest order, to prevent exploits by some players?

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Chief Warrant Officer
Recurring Quests are atm folowed in order, and you can even change this order, so it can be exploited by script and so on.

Found no simmilar Idea here.

Recurring quests can be adjusted by the folowing order how you want, so if you have the knowlidge how to use a script, auto clicker or just give your phone someone to click, its against the FOE rules, so thats why random order prevent for 100% using any scripts, clickers. Easy, efficient, and have no impact on common gameplay.

Just randomize the Recurring Quests spawn order.

Visual Aids:
No visual adds.

It have no impact to players who is doing recurring quests by the rules, but who are already exploiting this feauture, that ones will be very limted to continue doing that.

Abuse Prevention:
This change cant be exploited more like it is atm.

Please check the voters, who want this change, are the good players, and who is against, they already exploiting this.


sounds like a much better suggestion since adding a delay does nothing to a player using scripts or clickers except reduce their RQs from 4000 a day to 3500. hence it pisses off every player rather than stopping the cheats +1


it wont change much as aborts appear on the same line after LMA or so..
bots cant be stopped no matter if random or different lines, clickers would find a problem if mixed aborts in the same line with the UBQ's


efficient but annoying, could be popping out an question or something, which bots dont expect...
like every 500~1500 aborts, with a different patern but keep in mind that problems create solutions and that could lead to other kind of issues

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
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Polls can only have two options, not three.

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Whatever you have to say on the subject, contact Support to do so.

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