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Recruitment started for a new guild in greifental.



Update : 06 July 2013
Hi All,

Welcome to KINGDOM HEARTS ALLIANCE the dens of Neighborhood toppers!!
Due to the enormous acceptance that we received for KINGDOM HEARTS worldwide at Greifental, we have started two more guilds namely KINGDOM HEARTS 2 & KINGDOM HEARTS 3 thus strengthening our KINGDOM HEARTS ALLIANCE and get ready for a future Guild war !!!.
All the three guilds are currently recruiting active players who match with the following minimum criteria:

KINGDOM HEARTS - Currently No.1 in Greifental
1. 200,000 Ranking points (if u have 2,000 battlewins this 100K limit can be by-passed)
2. 1,500 battle wins
3. 2 Goods buildings (goods producing GB is considered as a goods building)
4. 3 military buildings
Contact: kingjoseph2000 or mark241 or rawruk

KINGDOM HEARTS 2 - Currently No.3 in Greifental1. 100,000 ranking points (if u have 1000 battlewins this 50K limit can be by-passed)
2. 750 battle wins
3. 2 Goods buildings (goods producing GB is considered as a goods building)
4. 3 military buildings
Contact: kingjoseph2000 or Frazwag or Sh3elby2

KINGDOM HEARTS 3- Currently No.11 in Greifental
1. 10,000 ranking points (if u have 500 battlewins this 10K limit can be by-passed)
2. 250 battle wins
3. 1 Goods building (goods producing GB is considered as a goods building)
4. 3 military buildings
Contact: kingjoseph2000 or Grosseyeeh or Soldierst177s or stormie or eagleayes



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Update-27 Jan 2013
Only few places available in our Guild-Kingdom Hearts!

Guild description

On 28 October 2012, Kingjoseph2000 found a new Guild from the Ashes of the old Guild "We Come in Peace" thus creating a new cooperative environment only for the ACTIVE (Repeat) players of the world "Greifental".
If you are really looking for an extremely supportive and lively Guild and ready to accept the below rules (once you are in the guild you can discuss if we need any changes for the betterment of the Guild; we are always flexible) you are most welcome to join this Exceptional Guild.

Minimum requirements to join and to keep-up.

a) New player should be @ EMA –minimum req.
b) 20,000 points (this can be by-passed if they have above 500 won battles).
c) Minimum 200 won battles.
d) 2 Goods Buildings & 3 Military buildings.

Guild Nature and Rules

1. We are a group of Neighbourhood Toppers, so our natural preference is to
support those attacking players who want to develop faster than their neighbours. We have so many competitions currently running in our Guild which suites those extremely active and attacking players.
2. Our second preference is Trading, All members are to reveal their Goods boosters while joining and the goods production will be distributed evenly to avoid any burden to any particular Guild Member. All players are to have minimum of 2 goods building for the sake of the guild. Also, we have stock pile of goods available in the store. We have a specified trading system; for easy reference
1:1 for goods of the same age
1:2 for goods of next / previous age
And trade more than one age above is not permitted however, this rule is not applicable to trading down (if you have a higher age goods then you can request lower age goods @ any rate at your own disadvantage).-everything is explained in the Guild forum.
3. Third priority goes for polish or motivates the guild members; all guild members should do it at least once in 3 days. Someone is watching you. Moreover, all members to write in their profile text in a very simple manner Polish/Motivate.
4. All members are to participate in Guild Forums and discussions.
5. Contact kingjoseph2000 or Woody432 for recruitment.
6. New members will be under probation period for a week. During this time she/he will be evaluated by the Leaders to confirm a permanent place in the Guild.
7. Non-active players will be removed after a week. But consideration will be given if a player notifies the founder before taking a leave for more than a week.

Guild Votes, results and chronology of events.
1. While founding, our rule for trading the goods was according to the size of the building. But on 05 Nov 2012 according to the First Guild vote the rule was changed to 1:1 (within the same age), 1:1.25 (1 age difference), 1:1.5 (2 age difference), 1:1.75 (3 age difference) & 1: 2 (4 or above age difference) which won with more than three fourth of the vote counted.
2. Until 07 Nov 2012, there was no other Leader other than the Founder, but on the occasion of having 20 members in our Guild, as a measure of sharing the responsibility, the second Guild vote was conducted and Frazwag was elected as the First Permanent Leader of the Guild and given responsibilities of Guild Forums and Motivation/Polishing. Also on this occasion due to the loyalty to the Guild and the virtue of his ability to attract players in to the Guild, Woody432 was also selected as the Second Guild Leader and was given the responsibility of Recruitment.
3. In a nail biting competition Stonedblues just past Jaffajules to reach 25,000 points and became the third Leader of the Guild and handed over the duties of Trade dealings & motivation/polishing.
4. In an another competition, Raistlin580 grabbed 4000 points within 4 days and became the first Moderator of our Guild and placed as the in-charge of Bronze age & Iron age Guild members. Also, mitchellian became the second moderator and given the charge of providing ideas to Founder for the Guild's development and entertainment.
5. On 27 November 2012, an another Guild of Greifental "Diajan" under the leadership of Diajan merged with Kingdom Hearts with her 16 guild members, thus she became the 4th Leader of the Guild and the KIngdom Hearts reached the 11th Guild position in Greifental having 60 active members.
6. On 01 December 2012, a new Guild vote has taken place to find out, who shall be removed from the guild after reaching 80 members; the unanimous decision from guild members was to remove the inactive players at first.
7. On 05 December 2012, we have reached a total of 80 members and become the top 10 guild of greifental.
8. On 07 December 2012, one of the current leader Stonedblue was removed from the guild due to consistent inactivity exceeding two weeks and replaced by Jaffajulus.
9. On 16 December 2012, after a massive guild vote, the trading rule of the guild is amended to 1:1 (within the same age), 1:1.5 (1 age difference), 1:2 (2 age difference and above).
10. On 18 December 2012, after a unanimous decision by the Founder and Leaders, Jprice (who was the winner of Nov 2012 FOE journal competition) has been selected as a new Moderator to look after the development of the Bronze and Iron Age members.
11. On 28 December 2012, Raistlin 580, who was a modertor has dismissed from the guild due to his inactivity exeeding 3 weeks and subsequently appointed 2 new moderators, Elmidra who will be in-charge for giving PVP and fighting tips to the guild members and Soldierst177s who will be assisting woody432 for recruitment.
12. On 01 Jan 2013, Guild’s preferences and rules got amended with the unanimous majority of the Leaders. A Cap for recruitment is placed @ 15,000 points and 100 battle wins. Jprice has promoted to Leader and Deonark has selected as Moderator.
13. On 04 Jan 2013, one of the senior member of the world Griefental "Hyperzeitgeist" (currently 12th in this world) joined the Kingdom Hearts as a New Leader and given the "Advisor" position of the Guild. Now we have 2 Members @ Top 20.
14. On 09 Jan 2012 due to the market getting cluttered up with so many trading-up posts, the founder decided to seek the help from FOE Forum and a discussion were started at the open forum. As per the advise of Mutzena and Hint (former being the founder of Fair Traders2 @ East Nagach and a Forum Moderator at present and the latter being a senior FOE member having the rank of Lt. Colonel at FOE Forum), the fair trade (1:1 for goods of the same age & 1:2 for goods of next / previous age and no trade more than one age up.) has put forth for a discussion among the leaders and was unanimously adjudged as the new Guild Trade Rule.

Happy Forging.

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Dont know if i fill the criteria but really need a guild if only to stop being smashed by the freemasons probably because I am unattached...


You are absolutely right ranja; whoever senses our guild's warmth, liveliness, support and affection will never look back :)