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Our Guild name says it all. This is a game folks. Some players out there forget that, or only give it lip service.

If you don’t have time for the stress, demands, pressure and angst that comes with a GvG war guild, but find some of the quieter, more relaxed guilds a little too quiet and boring, this is the goldilocks guild for you.

Our guild welcomes players who have mastered level 4 GE, and appreciate the rewards that comes with it. If your guild leaders won't open up level 4, or only a small number of your current guild mates have an interest in GE, then our guild may be the place for you. At least 25 of our guild mates conquer level 4 GE week after week, and we welcome like minded players who can share a laugh or two along the way, as well as a helpful esprit de corps. We won’t be harassing or berating anyone for treasury goods donations to participate in GE.

We are proud to be a mid tier guild in Mt Killmore, currently ranked 3rd and at level 47, the tangible benefits of which include:

-5 fps collected daily from your Town Hall
-Time to recruit and heal units reduced by 24%
-coin and supply cost of all buildings reduced by 12%

We are not an exclusively war guild, but we do dip our toes into GvG every now and then.

We have great camaraderie, team spirit, and share good humour. We treat our guildmates respectfully and support each other. It is a game after all, and all of us are real people, with real lives. We encourage friendship, participation and inclusiveness. We are a global guild, with members from all over the world, including Europe, UK, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We are looking for applicants who are willing and ready to be team players, and engage with the guild and its members. Good communication skills are important. We encourage our guild mates to ask if they’re not sure about anything. Don’t be a wallflower.

We encourage guild mates to participate in as many of the following activities to help the guild:

1. 1 fp for each Great Building in the mud
2. complete Guild Expeditions to the best of your capacity
3. own a Hall of Fame which is at your current era
4. Have an Observatory or work with us to help you get the blueprints.
5. Add 5 fp per week to the nominated Observatory of the Week. That’s only 5 fp per week, so you get to keep the other 30 fps gifted to you all for yourself ☺
6. Aid guild members
7. Donate to treasury

Please notify us of any absences of more than a week.

If you don’t have an Observatory, we will help you get all the blueprints with our Observatory Blueprints Chasers program.

We are a fair trade guild. As a general guideline, when trading up 1 age 2:1, when trading down 1 age 1:2 If you are doing a special deal with someone which is outside these bounds, please inform the guild.
We have very active 5/10/20/50 and 100fp swap threads

Non Aggression Pact with Iron Born.
Ally : Strength in Numbers
No plunder with IB, SiN

We will consider your application if you are in Progressive Era or above, 500,000+ points and own the Arc, Alcatraz, Zeus, Castel del Monte, and Cathedral of Aachen. To apply, or if you have any queries, please message the Recruitment Committee:
Francois XIV
(yes all 5 please)

Guild founders:
Luvthapolice (the Grand Poobah)
Numbrcrunchr (that’s what he does…for the guild…not IRL….lol)

Guild leaders:
Mazis zxasdq
Martin of kokot
Francois XIV
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what happened to your photoshopped fantasies emma? I thought it was very cute, just like your cotton socks :P Either way, we've been at no 1 for over 600 days now. How's all that hoping and wishin' going 4ya?