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Ravenfyre's Guide To Reconstruction Mode

Discussion in 'Cafe Bookshelf' started by Skott Ravenfyre, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Skott Ravenfyre

    Skott Ravenfyre Major

    Feb 22, 2018

    Ravenfyre's Guide to Reconstruction Mode

    What is Reconstruction Mode?

    Introduced to the game on the 4th September 2018, Reconstruction Mode allows players to redesign their city layout with ease.
    It allows you to place buildings into a temporary storage, without using Store Building consumables, so that they can be placed in a new position in your city. This feature is especially useful for players who have very limited space in their city to move buildings around during redesigning, especially when planning to build a large building, such as a great building.
    The official announcement thread for this feature can be found by clicking here.

    ________ ✦ ________

    Where is Reconstruction Mode?

    First of all, you will need to research the Iron Age technology called Mathematics before the Reconstruction Mode feature becomes available to you.

    Once you have done that, to launch reconstruction mode, select the Build icon which is in the lower-left of your city.
    BuildPC.jpg --- RESIZEbuild.jpg
    The build button on PC (left) and app (right).

    Once you have selected the build icon and entered building mode, you will see some new icons on your screen. On PC, the Reconstruction Mode icon is shown at the top of the screen, whereas on the app, it is shown on the right of the screen. The icon shows the image of a crane. Select this to enter Reconstruction Mode.

    A basic description of Reconstruction Mode may appear.
    Select the OK button when you are ready to continue.

    ________ ✦ ________

    Using Reconstruction Mode

    Now you are in Reconstruction Mode.
    The first step is to add some or all of your buildings into the temporary storage that is part of the Reconstruction Mode feature.

    On PC, there are three icons now at the top of your screen:
    1. Move, this is used to move buildings that have been placed in your city.
    2. Strip, this is used to remove buildings from your city into your temporary storage. Click to strip one building. Hold the mouse button and drag across the screen to strip multiple buildings at once.
    3. Cancel, use this to cancel the tool you currently have selected, allowing you to click-to-drag your city to another view of your city.
    On the app, you only have one of these buttons, the strip tool, which is on the bottom-right of the screen.
    Tap the strip button to enter strip mode. You can select single buildings or drag your finger across the screen to strip multiple buildings. Press the strip tool again to turn strip mode off.
    The move tool is turned on automatically on the app, unless you have strip mode toggled on. Rather than toggling strip mode on and off, you can also tap a building in move mode and select the strip icon which shows above the building you have just selected.

    Once buildings have been stripped from your city, they will appear in the panel on the side of your city. This is your temporary storage. You have four tabs in this panel. Production, Happiness, Great Buildings and Roads.
    Note that all buildings that produce any form of output, except great buildings, will be shown under the production tab, including event buildings. This can confuse some people who may believe it only stores actual production (supply producing) buildings.

    To place a stored building back into your city, simply select it from the sidebar and then place into an available space in your city, just as if you were placing a new building from your ordinary inventory.

    ________ ✦ ________

    Saving and reverting

    There are two buttons at the bottom of the reconstruction sidebar. They are save and revert.

    Once you are happy with the new layout of your city, press the green save button. Your city will then save the new design and exit Reconstruction Mode.

    However, note that before you can save, your temporary storage must be completely empty. Otherwise, you will receive an error message.

    The revert button will undo all of the changes you have made, reverting your city back to how it was before you began reconstruction. This will undo everything, not just the last action that you performed.
    When you select this button, a dialogue will appear asking if you are sure. You will need to confirm that you are certain.

    ________ ✦ ________

    Tips and notes
    • For larger cities, it might be helpful to first plan where everything will go before you begin reconstructing. Otherwise, you could be spending a lot of time unintentionally playing a jigsaw puzzle. There is a third-party tool called FoE Manager which could help you with this: https://foemanager.com/city-planner/. Please note that Foe Manager is not an official InnoGames website, so InnoGames support cannot assist you with any issues that you may experience with the tool.

    • Reconstruction mode cannot be used to protect your city from being plundered. No changes have actually been made (ie when your buildings are in temporary storage) until you actually press the save button. Any would-be plunderers would still see the existing city layout before you started reconstructing.

    • Remember that most buildings need to be connected to the Town Hall via a road.

    • Many players find it easier to have their Great Buildings occupying the furthest possible borders of their city, so they are neatly out of the way. For example, the huge but very helpful Alcatraz great building fits very nicely and out the way on the far bottom-left of the city, as close as you can get it to the tavern.
    • Don't fill up 4x4 squares with 1x1 buildings. Place these 1x1 buildings, such as Victory Towers, in random 1x1 spots that you have left over in your city after you have placed everything else back. Otherwise, you're just wasting valuable building space. The same applies to 2x2 buildings such as Ritual Flames.

    • Unfortunately, it is very difficult to have a pretty but also logically functional city. Making your city pretty often means sacrificing logical functionality. For example, placing decorations between goods buildings to make the area look pretty will sacrifice both valuable space and a smooth, quick goods collection. Stick with logical functionality. Save the prettiness for Sim City or Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

    • Take a look at the cities of your friends, neighbours and guildmates for ideas about where things fit nicely.

    • Because, at the time of writing this, you cannot delete buildings in Reconstruction Mode, make sure that you delete or store any unwanted or unneeded buildings first. For example, if you're in the Late Middle Ages - do you honestly really need that Bronze Age Stone Circle cultural building? (The answer is no, you really don't).

    • Buildings that are part of a set and require to be placed next to another unique part of the same set to produce additional output, currently need to be placed touching the same unique piece of the set as they were previously, otherwise the timers will reset back to 24 hours.
    ________ ✦ ________

    Time to fly

    There we have it. See, using Reconstruction Mode is easier than it sounds, isn't it? Go forth and redesign your city to how you've always wanted it to be.
    Feel free to share your results with the community here in the forum. The Player Journals section of the forum seems like a fitting place.

    If you need further help with Reconstruction Mode, the Support team are always happy to help. Or you could ask the forum community.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018