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Ranking points

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I am wondering what activities, buildings, research etc.... adds up to your ranking score?

Because I see a lot of players on my continent without any production buildings or real armies at all and yet they are no#1, no#2 etc... top players in short.

Also, how can they get so advanced with only 1-2 production buildings from the bronze age era? And I have 8-10 iron smiths and hardly struggle to keep my 8 place on the leaderboard. I just don't get it


There is a number of factors here, if they are not using diamonds, activity plays a large role, if you choose 5 min production times and are very active you will beat out other players easily... for me, I played as a premium player with diamonds and was active, this meant i have been raking in the gold and production and have shot way ahead quickly, but the diamonds still only get you so far, you still have to be active to win in any situation...

As for the score, I am guessing from what I have seen, total population is probably the factor that increases your points...


Well if the person is very active the shorter timers do give you more supplies compared to doing much longer times so that can help.

Also for the leaderboard just because many players don't have troops added for the defensive side they will have a army for the attacking side you will not see as attack reports are not in the game yet showing what a player used.

Also using diamonds to advance faster can help.


you gain city points based on buildings built and pop etc.

for the battle points... if someone has massive armies for attack they can gain good amount of battle points if they attack people with defense.

If they have 0 defense they give very little battle points out to the enemy... but the enemy can sack their city much easier for resources. thats what I like... game is customizable to how you play.


The only problem is that it doesnt really matter how much defence you put, people can still get through it because of the AI... so usually better with small defence to keep the wolves at bay, but not enough to give big points to a serious attacker...


Well if you use a stronger defense people are more then likely to retreat right away rather then loose some troops even with how the ai works as later on they take a long time to build / heal.


the only thing i have noticed that you do not get points for is using forge points everything else you do,you even get some for STARTING to build things oh and collecting goods you dont get points for that either :rolleyes:
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thanks for the reply guys, so in order to get a better score one should build buildings and increase population. Does army and victory count?


only for your battle points.

as for the AI ruining your battles... well you dont lose any troops on def when attacked... thats because the AI runs them. with the long build times it would just turn into a matter of who has more troop buildings rather than anything else. But I am sure Inno could change it to you losing troops on def. *shrug* give them time.


I was very curious about how "city" score worked so i spent a couple hours checking it out (which included alot of game refreshes since score doesnt seem to update in browser immediately) what i found is that score only comes from gold and tool amounts added to your account, whether it be from production buildings, quest rewards, reward for conquering a territory etc. If u harvest a production building for 10 gold or 10 tools, your score will go up by 10 points, if you complete a quest that rewards you 2000 tools/gold your score will go up 2000, if quest reward is 100 tools/gold, score will go up 100. I found no connection to use of forge points, building new buildings, population etc affecting score. For someones score to shoot up dramatically it would be from high activity (5 min production buildings being constantly harvested) or i suspect from use of diamonds to get though quests that have large gold/tool rewards etc.
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........score only comes from gold and tool amounts added to your account, whether it be from production buildings, quest rewards, reward for conquering a territory etc........
... where "etc" stands for selling buildings and motivating/polishing/plundering your neighbors buildings.
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