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Rail Gun skipping more than one


It's been a while already since I noticed this but because I don't attack other players if I don't need (i.e. quests asking to do so), I didn't bother reporting. Shame on me!

But now that Guild Expeditions became more interesting, this is affecting me, and certainly others (specially on Level III).

Sometimes, the "Recharge" passive ability of Rails Guns, that should make them unable to attack on even turns, is making them unable to attack for two consecutive turns as well. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it happens, is almost an RNG defeat.

Usually I assemble my battleteam for Guild Expeditions as 2 Rail Guns and 6 Rogues. Sometimes, after more than one Rogue are transformed, I see clearly in the rotation bar that I have two Rail Guns, transformed or not, ready to attack, followed by an opponent unit.

I attack with the first, going to be engaged, and after finished, instead of the next one, clearly shown as ready, instead of have it engaged, it is automatically and inexplicably skipped and set to the end of the line.

Right now, in this exact minute, I have a battle opened. the immediately previous battle, if I'm not mistaken, happened this twice. It would be nice if you could check the battle logs (assuming you have such feature) in order to replicate the battle conditions.