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Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
This thread could be useful to post quick questions without making lots of new threads.
To get it started:

Where to get the missing map minerals to boost my productions from 1 to 5 or 2 to 10?


Why nowhere? I thought but getting the map sector with the deposit, you will get the boost?
but where do you get the boost for the goods you don't get the boost ?

because you don't get all 5 boosts per era
Once you reach Modern Era - you will receive 2 more deposits, of older goods, as CV mentions above. 1 deposit will give you a boost for one of the new productions - the other deposit will be one of the required goods you will need to produce one of the new productions. (as starting in Modern Era, you not only get boosts, you also have to pay older goods for the new productions as well as the required gold and supplies cost)

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Wow, thank you all so much for your replies to increase my newbie knowledge.
Perhaps i could ask another quicky because I'm beginning to suspect some of my friends have quit.

What is the easiest way to know if they are still playing apart from checking their taverns?
How long should i wait before removing them as friends?
What is the easiest way to know if they are still playing apart from checking their taverns?
How long should i wait before removing them as friends?
Filter your town hall event history to show only social interactions, the history goes back 7 days on app, not sure on pc

Aid everyone shown as they have aided you in the last week.

Next scroll through your friends list, anyone unaided is not active (if they are then they're a useless friend) so remove them

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
How long do you have to claim incidents after they appear on your map?
Did anyone work out how often on average they appear?

P.S I'm not hogging this thread intentionally, anyone can post their quick questions here (newbies have a lot!)
According to the Wiki, it varies and you can expect between 10 and 15 per day. They do occur at random times, and some can be very tricky to spot. One looks just like another tree (another is a tree with a red dagger in it, which is easier to spot). Look out for fallen trees on the roads of your city! They can be hard to spot also!
They hide behind buildings, hardly ever find one within my city on the roads because they are all hidden and its too much effort to find them

Xeon of Camelot

Second Lieutenant
Thanks a lot for your informed answers, even my guild leaders don't chat.
Don't think incidents are meant to be easy to spot (rolling the mouse button and using zoom in town helps) but what a super bonus and game feature! :rolleyes: