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Not a Bug: Quests Returning


So i wanted to sell a decoration and all at the sudden there came up a new quest but it was a quest i already had before Jester 3 so i just pushed accept again and than it was gone i think i had it yesterday also with another quest but i wasn't sure than but now i am.

On the screenshot you can see that i already have 2 quests and those 2 are after Jester 3



I'm not sure I understand you correctly: There are 3 Jester quests. Did you finish all 3 of them before, and now they popped up again? Did you try refreshing the screen (F5 or CTRL+F5)?


I already did it yeah but in the mean time i already did other stuff and than this one popped up again. Like i said i accepted it and than it was gone so refreshing isn't the solution . Quest just can't return all at the sudden. I skipped one Jester quest don't know which one but 3 i already did for sure a few minutes before and i got 25 diamonds from it like you see in the screen i got 25 diamonds.


You may have noticed that there are always two quest givers. One of them gives new story quests and main age related quests. The other quest giver has a set amount of quests specific for each age. In some circumstances these quests repeat as we do not want our players to run out of quests if they are all completed. This is not an error or a bug.


It is because i just push accept and the quest is gone forever never returns back to take your reward or something else and like you can see i already had 2 quests running so this would be a third.
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