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Pvp tower on main screen.

Hi all, I just lost a fight in tower, playing manually, as I remember, player beats me on auto... Well lost, then next fight seconds later the player again.... So changed army to win, as I just lost, so know what army to fight.......
I lost.....
Totally different army, completely different on all units.. One that is set to win my changed army...
How !!!!!!!
Why have to choose army units at start of tournament ?? Is it fixed !!!!!!
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I am on fel. Why does that matter !!!!!!
I have just pressed refresh on pvp. Tower same player at the top, hard. But era went up one !!!!!!!! Totally proving pvp. Tower a fix, so why do we have to choose an army for it !!!!!! Just pretending to be fair !!!!!!

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It matters, cause it helps to get a full picture of the situation. To start with you are not talking about the PvP tower, but about the PvP Arena. In the Arena hard opponents can be up to 3 Ages higher than you. When there are no suitable opponents to be offered, a random NPC (Non Player Character) is selected instead. Those NPC's will always fight with the same army, but players can change their army. So far you are not saying anything that is not possible.
Hello, I have gone up a level alone hard level on PvP is practically impossible, very unfair ! But will live with that....
On PvP same player I won on hard level.
Next one I lost same player.
How !!!!!!! Same player, same army !!! I used same army !!!!
Tried to do same moves but it wiped me out !!!!!!
How is this possible !! This shows that PvP is a fix and game decides who wins ??? Explain please !!!
The PvP tower also totally changes the army's you are fighting !!! Do the game manual fight, you will see.
Why do you have to set up defending army !!! As totally irrelevant, the game changes it.... More game fixing on pvp..


The PvP tower also totally changes the army's you are fighting !!! Do the game manual fight, you will see.

No it doesn't. What you're likely referring to is a player who has gone ahead of their age on the Map, triggered Quests from Ages/Era's ahead of their time and earned Units from those advanced Ages.

As a player you can put any Unit you own as defending army. If you happen to have Units from a future Age, then you get to use them


Master Corporal
Sounds to me like you were fighting an AI opponent. Even of the name is the same the age of the AI opponents on Hard difficulty can be different, thus different army (even iof the army composition is the same).

It's also possible that the player - if it was an actual player and not an AI - simply changed their defending army.

It will help a lot if you tell us the name of the player in question.