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PVP Arena Returns Feedback


Warrant Officer
Why would I use auto against 5-6-7 up Age units?
Because that's how SAV PvP looks like. Auto-medals-auto-medals. Click-click-click. Npc mixes are dumb, even if they wouldn't be, there is nothing that can oppose 8 EC.
What do you suggest then? They add/introduce imaginary Era with higher tech/stronger units/AI bots for SAV hard battles? That's 2 much effort :)
No suggestion yet. Maybe will think something out. For now just stating that it's as far from equal as previous version.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
First full season will only start on Monday. For now it is just to test and from the looks of it they have put in some fictitious players to fight against.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator


I'm seeing activity, I feel like this will be a niche.

For the first week, people will go nuts, try it out, see what its like.

Then after the honeymoon period ends after literally one week, people will realise its just a medal sink, and ignore it 100% of the time. Doesn't offer anything really worthwhile at all and requires effort and medals expended. Unless you one of those people who have millions in stock of course, but even then, it starts getting expensive, and once it starts costing 10,000 medals for one attempt, it gets noticeable when you buy 5.

Whats more interesting to me is this:

My score differences in CE, is meaning I can get more points per battle, then the people in the highest age? Some of my top opponents have less then 100% values.

I can see a select few using it, but really, there's not much point to this tower existing.


Also these are real players, and the rest are NPC's, we found this out last time. Its not "By the looks of it" this is how its designed.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
If Inno doesnt want feedback and to save you repeating yourself for the next 2 days why dont you close the thread till Monday? Would make more sense than giving people attitude.
No need for that. I am used to repeating myself.

Since those are fictional players values used are just made up and fictional as well.


The way the defense army acts is quite strange. All defending units attack the same attacking unit, ignoring the others. This does not work.
Why don't they behave like they usually do?
The AI is like the map AI, so rogues are less useful on auto unless they auto stealth, like Hover tanks, which causes the AI to target the other rogues. Its essentially the easier AI to beat on manual, harder to beat on Auto.


Quick summary:
- rewards are still crapy,
I really miss every incentive to enter this feature. at silver you get 5 fighting units... How many will you have lost already to reach that stage????
Even #1 reward is rather silly compared with what you have to invest to get there.
- same rewards for place 51 to 500, no difference if you do a lot of fights (and loses a lot of troops) and try to enter top50 and just fails, and a lazy player that just do a few fights or only the easy ones.
- stupid that you see the defense boosts of the players when you can select them.
- still same players turn up while there are plenty of players available
- current version has imaginary opponents, how the hell can we feed back on the defense part if you do so???

Only positive point:
- AI of the fighting is improved so fighting with a lot of rogues and hit the autobattle doesn't bring you far.

The Lady Ann

Master Corporal
I am loving it Ha, Ha, Ha, in FE always pick the poor sod in any of the 3 era's above as you know what Hovers beat anything, especially if you play manual, what a crock of crap!!! I have just done 8 fights against 2 players both in VF (sorry guys) absolutely no challenge to me whatsoever


Master Corporal
ok ... so just gave PvP arena a try ... first thing ... SAV players medal cost seems higher then lower age players, so someone who is camping in a lower age, and has big GBs, and tons of medals, can abuse the arena to control top 1 and he will need to spend less medals to do it, then the SAV player ... bravo Inno ...

now lets talk about the leagues, what is up with these leagues? is this another failed League system like GBG has cuz I got in to platinum in 5 minutes, i'm sure if i wasn't ready to abandon PvP arena permanently after 5 minutes (which i am) that i'd be in Crystal League by playing another 5-10 mins, ...

third of all, does Inno actually think they will be able to monetize this boring feature that has absolutely 0 fun?

forth and final ... do they realize that they gave Macro users aka cheaters, who have bots do things for them, just another way to abuse the game and build rankings?

KP signing off from PvP arena, never gonna play it again :) hope others wont either, so that Inno realizes how much time they wasted on a stupid feature, instead of spending development time on things that people actually like (like GvG)


Master Corporal
I tried it.
I burned a lot of units.
The rewards just aren't big enough to justify the time and cost.
And if I really like fighting, I can go to GbG for a massively greater reward. GbG can get me several hundred FPs on a good day, along with a lot of goods, units (some of which are replacing casualties), and a few diamonds. This doesn't get close to matching that.

I'm out. I doubt I'll be back.

What would bring me back is if they make it a system of live tournaments - where you are actually competing against a real human in a 2-way manual battle. That would be hugely popular. I put together a detailed proposal here, and it got some support and some good ideas from other commenters, but eventually went into the archive.


i must say that some eras will be very unfair or different in the pvp arena
eras like in FE, is really nice era to do the arena, as even the highest opponent is always VF, and OF and AF all easily beaten with only hovers.
meanwhile, if your only 1 era above from FE; AF, well...its really diffficult beating SAM with AF i must say. i tried it, and its significanlty deadly on any lower era troops in SAM.

eras like INDA on the other hand, would be really difficult on dealing with higher era troops, as in the middle of INDA to PE, the battle scale change to 1.5 and the troops over PE has a very big range and nice skills compared with INDA. CA and LMA too i should say.
imo, some eras will benefit significantly from the pvp arena battling while some eras will have disadvantage