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New Content PvP Arena Preview Feedback

  • Thread starter DeletedUser104881
  • Start date


nah, if they remove the love letters there will be no fun..
i get less and less GvG "whys" and now i won't get from my hoodies ?!
That's not fair play at all ...
I'm certain for some PvA just won't come soon enough - But - Be Assured - And - Rest Assured - There Will Be Whiners of every type -- Pointing out how Unfair it is - "Those Bullies" always find a way to torment - And when they come We will have our Sing-Along-Song

Wee, wee, wee - are we Home yet?

Iran the Red

I can't believe how bad this is...

No manual mode, only auto fights!!!
6 battles a day or pay diamonds

What a waste of time. Shame, I was looking forward to this. Very disappointing.
Just another money grab. The one factor that would have made it fun to participate, ignored. PvP means Player vs Player not player vs AI.

Iran the Red

So. Much. This...

No manual battle mode is a complete and utter farce. No way in hell anyone with at least 3 brain cells to rub together will be stupid enough to throw away 100's or even 1000's of troops if we have to rely on the craptastic AI to decide things.
What genius thought this was even an idea?! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

If we can't have manual battles, I'll just be ignoring this feature altogether.
Shame too, because I was really looking forwards to it, but it seems like you guys "borrowed" some of the Elvenar team and decided we wanted a turd sandwich instead of a working feature.
Just another craps shoot!!