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  1. Ilela

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    Aug 31, 2017
    [ QUOTE ] don't use "space" inside of brackets [ /QUOTE ]

  2. Conqueror Queen Anne

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    Oct 7, 2017
    as a long time player who just came back to the game after almost a year away Jeeps what a crock I feel rushed to advance I'm in EMA within less than a month, GB blueprints are thrown at you willy nilly, cant attack near neighbors, are you supposed to be done with the game within six months???????? instead of a lovely slow build up, advancing an era every six months or so taking your time enjoying all the subtle nuances of the game, now it's rush rush rush maybe this time I will be board within six months instead of heartbroken when my putter blew up and I lost my game and a city I had lovingly, slowly, painstakingly built up to postmodern over almost 4 years
  3. citanicus

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    Oct 3, 2016
    Why did your computer breaking mean you lost your city ??
  4. Conqueror Queen Anne

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    Oct 7, 2017
    I had played the game that long I had forgot the password and hadn't updated my e-mail address so no way to retrieve it
  5. wonderpitje

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    Oct 23, 2017
    I allready said i didnt like this change cause you cant really learn combat anymore.
    But id also like to point another thing out. A lot of the daily challenges ask you to fight many times. Thats something i couldnt do anymore in the past weeks, not because i didnt research the requirement yet, but because non of my neighbours didnt research it yet. i actually had to wait 2 weeks for a neighbourhood change so i could since then attack 5 neighbours (still would take me more then 2 days for some of the challenges)

    I think you will need to change those quests in the daily challenges, or move the daily challenge tech further in the techtree so people have fightable neighbours again when unlocking daily challenges.

    Best solution for me would be: change it so you can attack all your neighbours as soon as you research the new tech. Make it so you can only plunder your neighbours if they have also researched the tech.

    changing the hood movement so ppl who unlocked the tech are put together and ppl who didnt unlock it yet are together also, that would also be a way to fix it
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  6. patrucio

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    May 2, 2017
    Gotchya Haha, I can't go along with Allen the Friend's last comment. I think you should be congratulated for taking the time to work up your proposal...even if it isn't taken up. You never know...... there may be something in your proposal which Inno might just act on.
  7. firestormfury

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    Mar 20, 2017
    It's still dumb. I didn't know this until recently. Totally explains why the new people coming though are kind of ignorent to battles and city defense. It takes a lot of explaining to them for them to get it, and until then, they are super easy prey. Kind of useles at battles too.