Already Suggested: Protect GB against levelers

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It's beyond annoying that newbies "don't know" and some others "don't care" when they level your GB and cost you a double dip, or even just mess up your timers.
I suggest the developers place a check box that can be selected when you don't want anyone to be able to put that final FP which screws with all your careful planning.

Richard of shaw

Nevermind this leveling nonsense. What we really need is auto aid and to see unicorns frolicking in the area around our cities. Now that would be so kewl.


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Yep it's been proposed plenty of times.

Given it's already been proposed several times we'll be moving the thread to "Already Suggested". If you wish to discuss this on a "what if" basis there's the General Community Discussions section which also has several threads on this subject.
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