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Project East Nagach

hoping to be mod era later today,fireworks,,edit mod era reached
going well in mod era,bought a supplies pack now have 2 studios theyll do me until FE,have put mech infantry in but doing prog map is heavy on the rogs,checking goods techs on research tree i can already make 2 goods in ME/PME/CE/TE and FE so no hurry to do maps,may get AAVs when in CE or leave the whole lot for hovers to auto when in FE,may just breed my rogs until then
am in PME but this project is now on a go slow,i started it to do gvg mainly on AA map but since then the 3 reset times have been brought in as i can only do 1 of those i'd be a bit handicapped,the AA map has lots of action and is best i've seen so far,global chat is also very good on east nagach,just keeping town on tick over for now
i've migrated to US server Birka world thats my main focus
how is the gvg for you now that the timer's have reverted?
east nagach i'm not big enough yet but i have a look now and then for archer sectors in AA to take for a quick thrill,this can be at any time,town only part time not far away from CE,with AaVs might be able to do more
Rugnir,not enough peeps doing AA might be more fun in a year or two,i'm just relaxing in selenes guild for now
US am in top guild not much action building town,loads of money being spent here i'm only ranked 160 more players on this world,i quite like it,,got a feeling gvg will be alliances/nap sort of maps,no good for me will probably have to go on my own later in game to get some fun,3 rests would have worked nice here for me,,,better idea alround is the once a month map clean or it could turn out out everything crap on all 3 worlds
have been doing the odd gbg battle on the us world but thats just serious poop of the highest order lol
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