Privateers Looking for New Members!

Johnny Lits

We are currently looking to expand our guild with new talent.

Let me tell you a little about what we expect in a guildmate:
We expect frequent attention to the game, especially in providing daily motivation/polishing to guildmates. If you are going to be absent, we ask that you post in the guild forum under our “Notice of Absent” thread.
We would expect you to be in at least one role: either as a fighter, a provider of goods or some of both. We have folks who are willing to teach fighting, so that’s an option if you have an interest. We engage in all the GvG worlds; you can fight in as many as you like.
Some of our guildmates just trade, but not just for themselves; they make trades to help other guildmates. We also abide by “fair trade” criteria, which are detailed in our guild forum and consistent with guidance posted on the internet.
So in short, we’re looking for a committed player. We cull our ranks regularly of those who do not play an engaging role.
Hope you can join us!