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New Bug: Popup windows for pvp and event crashing game


Using Firefox, Win10, Win defender. Disabled ad blockers.

When I click to buy more turns in PVP, the screen goes darker but no popup window appear, can't do anything, have to reload the tab.
When I click to buy more coins, turns, or tools in the Wildlife event, the screen goes darker but no popup appears, can't do anything, have to reload the tab.
All other popup appear to be working fine.

Both pvp and event popups work if I switch to private browsing.


Similar when collecting incidents and gaining chest rewards in the wildlife event. Game freezes and have to reload the tab. Game is almost unplayable as a result.

EDIT - as per @Braveheart56 clearing the browser cache seems to have sorted this.
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Game freezes when clicking on Friends Tavern, and occasionally on Town Hall, some buildings are there but not visible, wildlife tickets icon had disappeared, even though the event hasn't finished, some production buildings won't start production. Probably other issues I haven't discovered yet.....EDIT = forge point counter not updating when spending forge points. Clicking on Army Management freezes the game. EDIT - clearing the browser cache and reloading the game sorted it.
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Following up with the clear cache idea - worked for me too. Had just done this a few weeks ago so didn't think to do it again.