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Points bug on Cirgard (EN3)


Hellow fellow Cirgardonians,

Many of you may have noticed that some ranking points were subtracted. We have investigated this issue and found that there was a point calculation error on EN3. As a result the miscalculated excess points were subtracted from your account. Rest assure that you did not lose anything you did not earn. We simply deleted the buggy points. Point loss is extremely frustrating and we try to fix these issues as soon as we can. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


The Forge of Empires Team


Hello Mr. Jester. Such a points re-calculation appears to have effected Arvahall as well. Once again, I'm not asking for points back, I'm just ever curious what may have caused such a re-calculation, such as a change in how points are earned. If things were just a bug, that is good as well. Any word or idea?



Dear Checkered Jester --

I think there might be the same issue on Arvanhall. Today I was calculating the 'weekly growth' of my guildmates (Forge of Traders guild) and noticed almost all of the colonial aged members either had negative or very little growth. I know many of them are very active and usually average around 6-10k points gained in a week.

I included a screenshot. If you need to post a bug report, let me know


check out players like hunteracs, ferguss, rmfl, artyusmc.

If this is the same issue. What exactly was is? And why only CA players? Thank you for your time.