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Pirate Maths!

  • Thread starter DeletedUser104881
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Pirate Maths final.JPG

Post your answers below by 9 pm server time on Friday 14th August and 4 lucky winners chosen at random from the correct answers will receive
5 Doubloons each! We just need to know the final amount for the ? at the end.​
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is that right?
Line 3: Pirate = Royal - 6
Line 4: Pirate = Royal (3 pirates / 3 = 1 pirate)

That means pirate can be 18 and 12 at the same time? is it a quantic Pirate or I forgot maths?. for me both reasons are possible xD

In any case, if royal is 18 and pirate 12, The "?" would be 45.....
But if it´s a quantic Pirate, the answers could be: 51 (3+ 12+18+18) and 57 8 3+18+18+18 )too xD

And all of it, probably, because I forgot maths xD


it is impossible to get a correct answer for this as the royal selection kit symbol has 2 different values
line 2: (3+3)*3 = 6*3 = 18 so royal kit is 18
line 3: 18-pirate = 3+3 so pirate = 18-6 so pirate is 12
line 4: (12+12+12)/3 = royal kit so royal kit here is 12 even though its 18 from line 2
line 5: 3+12 = crows nest so crows nest is 15
line 6: going to assume royal kit is 18 from line 2 & not 12 from line 4) so 18+12 = villa so villa is 30
line 7: 15+30 = 45
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