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Phone/Tablet Browser Redirect Removed for Guild Forum URL

Should guild forum access be restored to all players, not just desktop users?

  • Good idea

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • Bad idea

    Votes: 2 22.2%

  • Total voters
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Proposal: That the URL redirection that takes phone/tablet players to the app/ app store be removed for the guild forum URL.

Reason: Guilds need a repository of information new guild members can access: how the guild works, what's on offer, how to play GBG, what levelling threads are supported, etc, etc. Message thread are badly designed for this purpose, and it's clear that was the original point of having the more appropriate guild forums. There is a special URL designed for the purpose, and because I'm on a desktop, I can go straight to the forum as well as accessing it from within the game.

Phone/tablet users have no access to the forum through the app, and attempts to access the URL redirects them to the app store. Because an increasing number of guildies don't have desktop access, and are unable to use the forum, it isn't fit for purpose as the default place to direct newbies for guild information.

Details: That either the current forum URL, or a new one, be provided without a redirection for phone and tablet users. I'm not even suggestion the the browser version of the game be made available this way (although I can't see why not), just a login screen with current world selection and the forum itself. Almost all the functionality will be there already.

Balance: This will restore a useful game aid that is withering on the vine. It has no game balance issues.

Abuse Prevention: All forum permissions are in place already and no changes need to be made.

Summary: Restore guild forum access to all guildies, not just desktop users.
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I never understood why app users don't have access to the guild forums. So yeah, this makes sense. Make the guild forums accessible to all players.
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