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Perhaps not a New Idea on Blue Prints

Do you support this idea

  • Yes

    Votes: 14 60.9%
  • No

    Votes: 9 39.1%

  • Total voters
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The point of the suggestion is to sell excess BP's at the AD, NOT to buy any BP's, to turn the BP's that a player no longer have use for into use...like a player sells what they deem as unwanted items from their inventory, to buy stuff off the shelf at the AD or engage in an auction for the item they want. Should the player wish to pay exorbitant amounts at an auction, for an item, it's their prerogative to do so and then they'd need more coin to feed their habits...the above discussion was way off the mark, IMO.
But why? There are always items that give you way more coins than what was proposed for prints. Why would you want to get a very small amount of coins when you can get a lot of coins?


The AD came about because players wanted to get rid of the 'useless' items in their ever filling inventories, likewise, the GB slots are filling up with BP's, because most players use the 1.9 system these days - In my case: I have over 800 Arc prints in my one city and will never level my Arc to that degree...it's not lucrative after a while, not with the 1.9 or any other system and at that I'd get bored trying to endlessly level my Arc or any other GB I deem as important to have in my cities. It will detract from the strategy of my game-play to focus on just levelling GB's endlessly.
So then why not sell them at the AD....Self-Aid Kits go for 140 coin/2 hrs; 170 coin/8 hrs and 200 coin/24 hrs, which is nice to have when an event requires you to sell 2, 3, 4 or 5 items at the AD. Blame my sense of tidiness to rather be rid of BP's I'll never use than to hoard them :D
Not open for further replies.