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  • Thread starter Pickled Soldier
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Pickled Soldier

What did everyone use to conquer this place?

At the moment all i have is slingers, spears and horses but it seems its no good!

Do i need a different unit type?


horses are weak and never use them. With slingers and warriors only I managed it: however the last part of land was tough and one man was left. Think that 8 slingers will make it too.

Pickled Soldier

Okay thanks buddy, so maybe 4 spears and 4 slings or just one or the other?


try 8 slings. spears don't do much against these soldiers. while fighting, beat stonethrowers and easy targets first.

Pickled Soldier

Okay thank you i have taken 1/4 of the place already, ill use 8 slings against the other 3 parts of the province
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