Pacts & Truces


A key part of guild wars is the creation of pacts and truces with other guilds. There's an element of risk in this as you have to trust unknown entities to some degree. As the game evolves we'll start to see the true colours of other guilds and that will help us to better decide who to trust and how far. What I'd like to do here is start getting a perspective on who can't be trusted so we know where we stand. This is obviously driven by bitter experience so I'll start the ball rolling by highlighting that Dinegu's Finest will be top of the list of those not to be trusted. Guild Rob gave them access to additional sectors in HMA as part of a truce and they returned the favour by sieging multiple of our sectors. It's just a game so that's fair enough and it's not a problem - just useful to know which guilds are honourable and which guilds, for lack of a better description, aren't :rolleyes: