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Our family is looking to expand

  • Thread starter DeletedUser111937
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Why join us?
We're a family. A group of great players, and even greater people, exploring and enjoying this wonderful game together.
And we win. A lot. We don't do anything halfway, and we have no weak links.

Who we want?
Smart and respectful people who share our drive to evolve, to win and to enjoy it all together.
We don't care about your age, your city or your in-game stats. We care about you.

What's our plans for the future?
- Increase our amount of members. We haven't recruited much up to now, we've enjoyed the current state of our guild too much. To take our family to the next level we must increase in size, but not decrease in quality.
- Help all of our members, regardless of their age, to build the GBs they want.
- Continue to excel in the Guild Expedition and plow through level 4 every week.
- Enter GvG and excel there as well. At the moment we are loading up with troops through Alcatraz. We only enter when we're well prepared, both in a military and a tactical aspect.

Enjoy The Game
Level: 17
Members: 11
GE trophies: 54 gold, 18 silver & 2 bronze.
GvG: Exploring stage
Leaders: Amanda Thinks, Mastoren & offthepop.

Fun facts:
- In each of our last 5 Guild Expeditions we've scored more than 100%.
- Everyone has an Observatory, 6 of us has an Arc.
- All of our members joined before reaching 100,000 points.
- We have members from three continents.
- Mastoren and Amanda Thinks (5million & 2,5million points) both had less than 10,000 points when joining last year.
- Since joining Mastoren has won 13 Terrace Farms from the Guild Expedition, while Amanda, to her great disappointment
and occasional fury, has won only 1.
- offthepop has impressively stayed in High Middle Ages while building both The Arc and and Alcatraz, and surpassing 1 million points.

How to apply?
We assume you can figure this one out on your own. A tip would be to contact us.