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Orangery GB

  • Thread starter DeletedUser101637
  • Start date


not sure what other gamers think of this GB, I like the concept but do find that when fighting the critical hit mostly kicks in when the enemy troop is already over 50% damaged, so enemy troop would have been killed on next hit with or without critical hit. so currently its a waste of space unless you want the fp's,
would be better if critical hit worked on first time hits of enemy troop only imo


but sometimes you need more than 2 shots

and if you only do it on the first hit you throw away all later hits

why should that be useful ?
(unless you suggest that the percentage will be doubled. but that is not in your posting)

and what if you kill a unit with 2 hits without critical
and the critical still lets 1 health remaining (2 hits are more than 1 hit +50%)
then even the critical hit on first is useless

or what is if first hit makes 4 and second is critical and makes 6 instead of 4:
then it would be still useful


Since it is random if you get a critical hit, you would get less critical hits if that apply only to first time hits. So I am against it

(Btw I just had a critical hit - first hit - at a rail gun. Well the rail gun hat a few lives left and I did need two "normal" hits to kill it. With three hits I always kill a rail gun at that level of the GE. So even at a first hit it can be pretty useless.)


in response to the above comments which are most welcome btw :)

as i use rail guns in attack 99% of the time and with a reasonably high attack bonus any enemy unit can be killed with 2 hits with or without critical hit. however if i could have a first time critical hit on an enemy rail gun (or any other unit) this would reduce that rail to 1 or 2 pips of life left. which then reduces that rails ability considerably when returning fire. i do like the new GB and its use but just think it needs tweaking a little.

as a side note i did a little HMA GvG yesterday and used 8 archers on manual. critical hit did occur a few times on first hit and this reduced my losses considerably compared to when it occurred on 2nd time hits.


The tweek should be does critical hit if attacking same age or any troops above its age.