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Do Not Suggest: Oracle Quest

Do you want to abort oracle quest?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • No

    Votes: 7 87.5%

  • Total voters

Sip 1988

Player could have chosen to abort oracle quest.

Oracle quest goes in the way of story quests, and requires you to sale a GB to continue. An abort on the quest means you don't have to do the quest.

An abort button on the oracle quest.

Visual Aids:


Abuse Prevention:

Player continues with story quests, and not with the oracle.


The quest doesn't require you to sell a GB. The player chooses whether to keep or discard the Oracle. It was intended as a Tutorial GB. I don't think adding a abort function would benefit brand new players which is who the quest / GB is aimed at

If this idea were implemented I would like it to only be an option for additional worlds where the player would already know what they're doing -AND- have a popup for it so it can't be accidentally aborted

Sip 1988

Story quests do require you to complete the oracle quest to continue. This is 1 of 2 quest lines with Bronze age players.
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Yes. I know. The Oracle of Delphi quest is there as a tutorial. If you add a Abort option (by reclassifying it as a Side Quest) then you also remove the ability to get that GB for new players that abort even a single Oracle quest unless they invest in other Oracles. Which is why I'm suggesting that for the very first city of a new player that they should still have to go through the quest, while those that start additional quests should be given a abort option as they already know the game


Also you may find this interesting:
Oracle of Delphi Announcement
Please note that the questline will not be shown to players who are farther down the tech-tree than mid-Iron Age. We made sure the Oracle of Delphi Great Building will be useful to Iron Age players, but not really that interesting for advanced users. If you're past mid-Iron Age and you are interested in building it in your city, keep in mind that the only way to get blueprints is by contributing to existing Oracles.

Sip 1988

I have an account which has this quest and its colonial. I want to abort the quest, but it does not allow the player to do it.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
I have an account which has this quest and its colonial. I want to abort the quest, but it does not allow the player to do it.
This proposal falls under the Do Not Suggest List to start with.

That you still have the quest in Colonial is your own doing. You could have finished it a long time ago.

Sip 1988

Obviously not. Quest shows up with Bronze age in other worlds, I don't want to sale a GB to continue, and I don't want the GB.

klods hans

Why not just complete the tutorial quest and build the Oracle and then delete it instantly if you don't want it? What's the big problem with that?


I don't want to sale a GB to continue,
You don't have to sell a GB to continue, you don't even have to use Forge Points or any resources on it. You can use the 20 Forge Points from the questline on any other Great Building that you intend to keep and utilise. Only thing you have to do is place it down (aka: play the game)

Ok, if you absolutely refuse to ever sell the Oracle once placed down in your city, which is worth more to you?
  • Never having access to that Questline slot
    • OR
  • Never having access to a 3x3 spot in your city?

Or just place it down and delete immediately. Your choice. You're creating the issue yourself. The game isn't hindering you, your choice not to play that part of the game is hindering you