Omega Project - New Friends needed !



Dear All,

We are an active guild , in need to grow and increase potential. 70 seats available !!
We are welcoming any level , any age players.
We have a fair trade policy and are a friendly helpful guild.
We would need players that plays on a regular basis.
Ge level 1 is the only request we have, as we are extensively trying to be active in GE.
We have a 5fp and 10fp swap scheme also in place to ensure faire and fast levelling of guild players GB.
If we can we help each other finding goods for GB or mission.

More advance and experience players who would love to help smaller more junior team are also most welcome

Come and join , be part of our team.
write a quick intro and ask for an invite to me or sandiebrown.

see you soon

Omega Recruiter


Can I suggest from experience that the quickest way to fill your guild seats is to have auto-join configured than join by application only? ;-)
You can always boot people out if they turn out to be grossly unsuitable...