Official 'Looking for Friends' Thread




Do you need friends to aid your city, to trade goods, to help leveling up Great Buildings, or just want
someone new to talk to? If yes, then this is the perfect thread for you to find new friends!

This is the official thread for people who are looking for friends in Brisgard!
It's also a handy place for any newcomers to introduce themselves!

To take part is very simple, all you need to do is post:
• Your Nickname
• A little bit about yourself

After that, hopefully you'll be able to find some new friends!
Fellow forumers can then reply asking if they can add you!

You can find other world friends threads here:
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I'll start the ball rolling... Please, feel free to send me an invite - OVERTYPE :o
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Cambyses II

Master Corporal
I cleared out some inactive players yesterday so I am looking to meet some new friends.
I Polivate every day so I hope you would make the effort to join my regulars who do and you'll be welcome in my Tavern any time.
Just send an invite to Cambyses II


I am a fairly new player looking to increase the number of friends who will motivate, polish and visit my tavern as often as possible.

I am active daily and keep up to date with my aiding and tavern visits.

If you fit the bill, send invites to Dwalefoot.

Richard of shaw

Send a friend request my way if lookin for regular aid and tavern visits. No invites left? Let me know who you are and I will send you one.