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Forwarded: Odd popups when starting/collecting productions

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In the last few days I've seen several odd notifications when collecting from production buildings - and just now when starting a production. In addition to the pop-up showing how much you received (or how many gold/supplies were spent), I've been getting pop-ups from neighbouring buildings warning that I've moved an item in a set, or in one case (seen twice in my Egyptian settlement so far) that I have lost a couple of thousand happiness.
It looks as if the game is erroneously interpreting my actions as moving or perhaps deleting a nearby building, as well as interacting with the production building.

Unfortunately I haven't identified a reproducible case yet. It may depend on the length of the production (I tried repeating with a 5-minute production using the same building, but didn't get the same bug) or some more complicated condition, like whether there are other uncollected productions waiting to be picked up - I've usually seen it when doing a mass collection after an overnight run.

Has anyone else noticed odd pop-ups appearing?


Forum Ambassador
I've had it from sets when collecting other stuff but seems to be at random times when it feels like doing it


But only from the first one, everyone else is happy :)
I only built one for a quest from memory, not really using the outpost at all now got 6.5m tokens saved up from using deep seated Housing. Not even looked what they're showing but with having that one building on a different timing it's very noticable.


The minus happiness pop-up definitely happens every day on the first collection from my Egyptian settlement. Someone else in my guild mentioned that it happens to him too when he is doing a daily collection from his main city.
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